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I'm a HUGE fan of 7th Heaven and I have all 11 seasons (on DVD). Catherine Hicks is my favorite actress and she played Annie Camden on 7th Heaven when they were still making new episodes.

I LOVE reading 7th Heaven Fan Fiction stories, especially ones about Annie Camden. Here's a couple links where you can post your story or stories, if you want (but please read the rules before you post anything).

7th Heaven Fan Fiction

Catherine Hicks Fan Fiction ~ If you have a story that is centered around Annie Camden and/or any other character Catherine played, please post it on this one instead.

I also like to type fan fiction stories, but I'm not good with the conversation parts unless I'm typing for a character who has some kind of special needs (like Asperger Syndrome (AS) ~ that's what I have). I'm usually good at thinking of ideas for the stories and describing the scenes and stuff like that. If anyone wants to help me type a story (including a character that Catherine played in any TV Show and/or Movie), please let me know.

My Index Of 7th Heaven Fan Fiction Stories

Please read the rules before you post anything on these boards (below), too.

My 7th Heaven RPG's Board ~ I need more fans to take the characters who aren't taken yet so we can get these stories started.

My Catherine Hicks RPG's Board ~ You can role play any movie and/or TV Show Catherine was in (not just 7th Heaven). I need more fans to play the characters who aren't already taken on this board, too.

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