I've never had a supernatural encounter with an Angel that I know of, but I hope to be able to sometime in my life. I LOVE reading about other people's true experiences with Angels and Miracles and I can never seem to get enough of these stories. If you have a true experience with Angels and/or Miracles, you can submit your story below.

Please tell me your experience with Angels and/or Miracles

Read other people's true stories of experiences with Angels and/or Miracles

I'm also reading books by Joan Wester Anderson and Doreen Virtue ~ they both have books with LOTS of true Angel experiences in each one. I can never seem to get enough of these stories and they're VERY interesting.

Here's some pictures I took with my camera that I think might have Angels in them, but I'm not sure. Please feel free to e~mail me and let me know what you think.

The one on the left could be the sun, but the one on the right has to be an Angel or something like that. Hopefully, they're both Angels.

This picture was taken on July 9, 2001 at Cedar Point. I don't know what this reflection is that showed up in the picture, but I think it looks kewl.

Touched By An Angel ~ For anyone who likes this show, Hallmark is showing it again on weekdays at 12 PM EST. There are also some DVD's out and I hope to buy them soon.

It's A Miracle ~ I wish they were still making new episodes of this TV show. They told true stories of Miracles and healings that happened to people ~ a lot like the true Angel encounter experience stories I read on the Internet. I don't think they're showing the re~runs anywhere right now, but hopefully they will again soon or hopefully the DVD's will come out soon.


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