I've been wanting a Mentor, since I was 14 ~ a positive, loving, Christian, adult (female) role model I can look up to who will always be here for me. My Mentor works at my high school and is VERY SPECIAL to me. I go to the school a lot or sometimes she'll meet me somewhere and we take pictures. Another Mentor in my life, is a friend who used to live next door to me ~ I still see her sometimes, in town at one or more of the community events we have each year.

Some other people who have made a positive difference in my life

~ A really kewl friend, I met at the skating rink (about 20 years ago).

~ My computer teacher from the Career Center & College (she's also a cousin on my Dad's side of my family).

~ A friend I sat next to in Church.

~ Catherine Hicks, who played Annie Camden on 7th Heaven.

I have a REALLY KEWL idea for a mentoring organization that I hope materializes someday soon. Since organizations like the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Of America only find Bigs for people under 18, I think it would be kewl if someone would start a similair organization (maybe through Big Brothers Big Sisters) that does the EXACT same thing for people of ALL ages who have special needs. Maybe it could be called, "Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Special Needs In America" or something like that. My idea is that it would work the same way as the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the only difference is that the Littles are people of any age who has (a) special need(s) of some kind(s) and the Bigs are people who don't have any special needs. Or if someone with special needs wants to be a mentor to another person with special needs, that would be kewl, too. This is just an idea for now, but this is my wish and I hope to see it come true. What do you think of this idea? Please send me some e~mail.:)


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