Of all the web pages I've seen out there about Special Needs, I don't remember any of them mentioning finding Mentors for people like us. My Computer teacher from the Career Center & College is a VERY SPECIAL Mentor in my life. Another Mentor in my life, is a friend I first met at church and we would sit together on Sunday mornings. I also feel that way about Catherine Hicks, who played Annie Camden on 7th Heaven. All 3 of them make a HUGE and positive difference in my life and help keep my self~esteem where it needs to be. I feel that we (Special Needs People) can REALLY benefit from having a Mentor in our lives (even if we are older than 18 or 21).

I have a REALLY KEWL idea for a mentoring organization that I hope materializes someday soon. Since organizations like the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Of America only find Bigs for people under 18, I think it would be kewl if someone would start a similair organization (maybe through Big Brothers Big Sisters) that does the EXACT same thing for people of ALL ages who have special needs. Maybe it could be called, "Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Special Needs In America" or something like that. My idea is that it would work the same way as the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the only difference is that the Littles are people of any age who has (a) special need(s) of some kind(s) and the Bigs are people who don't have any special needs. Or if someone with special needs wants to be a mentor to another person with special needs, that would be kewl, too. This is just an idea for now, but this is my wish and I hope to see it come true. What do you think of this idea? Please send me some e~mail.8~)


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